Codydawg Live Entertainment

Guidelines for attending

If you're interested in attending any of my events you need to have read and understood the guidelines stated below.

I created these instructions together with other experienced character performers to make you understand what our perception of audience-centric character entertainment looks like and ensure that every attendee supports it with passion. If you have questions about one or more of these rules don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

Last updated in June 2015.

1. Character performers

1.1 - character approval list

With registering for attendance at any of the events listed on my website ('Codydawg Entertainment') all character performers agree on both their costumes as well as the corresponding performances being rated based on all subsequent guidelines described in this paragraph. In addition they agree on permanently storing all results combined with their nicknames and names of costumes in a non-public list for organizational reasons with the option to opt out by request at any time.

1.2 - Character reputation

Character costumes are only allowed to be used, if their outer appearance and maintenance match a certain level of quality. Furthermore they mustn't have a bad reputation due to publicly accessible inappropriate content, regardless whether this content is still available today or not.

1.3 - Apparel

Specialized clothing on character costumes is allowed, as long as it fits to the style and proportions of the costume, features a simple color and pattern design and doesn't advertise any company, product, community or ideology. In addition clothing on partial character costumes should hide the human shape as effectively as possible.

1.4 - Performing in public

Unless in hazardous situations, all character performers always need to stay in costume and character as long as they reside in public areas. Furthermore they need to avoid any behavior which may be considered as unsuitable including smoking real or electronic cigarettes, consuming alcoholic beverages and making offensive poses.

1.5 - Talking in character

Although imitating animal sounds isn't, optionally talking to the audience while performing as character is tolerated as long as it's part of the role or the style and pitch of voice fit to the character design. However all performers are constrained to never say anything rude or offensive and especially nothing, which might compromise children in any way.

1.6 - Interacting with the audience

All character performers need to respect the sphere of personal privacy of every person they interact with and always keep distance to people, and especially children, who feel uncomfortable with having costume characters around. In addition it's only allowed to interact with babies and toddlers, if performers in costume are capable of doing it with due care.

2. Character assistants

2.1 - Helping out performers

All character assistants are committed to help and assist nearby performers whenever it must be assumed that they cannot manage situations hassle-free due to limited vision and movement in costume. Moreover it's also their task to ensure that every single character or group of characters is accompanied by at least one assistant at all times.

2.2 - Unplanned breaks

In cases of performers needing to temporary take off parts of their costume because of adjustment reasons or health issues all character assistants are engaged to immediately inform the closest event guide and subsequently check the surrounding area for a quiet spot to withdraw. Further on during unplanned breaks all spare character assistants are expected to block sight of the audience as good as possible.

2.3 - Hazardous situations

In situations, which seem to become hazardous for one or more performers, all character assistants have to intervene immediately to prevent injuries or damage. In case of serious danger and emergencies they must call the closest event guide for help.

3. Event supervisors

3.1 - Assuming Responsibility

To make sure character performances run as fluently as possible all event supervisors agree on carrying responsibility for all unplanned breaks and hazardous situations with making momentous decisions and directing other attendees to help elsewhere if necessary. In addition they're also liable for keeping character performances on track, if schedules or special demands are present. For events labeled as operating under 'Living Characters' all event supervisors furthermore are supposed to carry provided 'Living Characters' business cards during character performances.

3.2 - Communication using radio

All event supervisors are equipped with provided radio devices during character performances and requested to report any unusual incidences immediately to make sure all others stay informed about potential issues and emergencies. Further they're advised to use radio responsible as the audience might overhear their communication.

3.3 - Route Guidance

If a specific route is assigned to a character performance event supervisors are in charge of ensuring that all other attendees follow the correct path and don't get lost. They're also responsible for keeping all attendees together close enough to avoid the group to tear apart.

4. All attendees

4.1 - Age restrictions

Due to the law for the protection of children and youth all attendees of daytime events have to be at least 14 years old to take part. Nighttime events or special occasions might require minimum ages of 16 or 18, depending on the type of activity and the country where it's hosted. In addition the organization never is responsible for minors.

4.2 - General appearance

To focus the audience's attention on the character performers only, all attendees need to affirm to not stick out by means of extraordinary clothing or accessories (including the use of badges), tattoos or piercings and in addition to never intentionally attract attention when one or more characters are around unless it's intended by the performers.

4.3 - Usage of photos and videos

All attendees are allowed to publish photos and videos online as long as personal rights are preserved and negative reputations of any attendee or third party due to content or place of publishing are out of the question. All other uses of photos and videos need to be permitted case-by-case by the organization.

4.4 - Contact with the audience

In interest of reputation of the events and people involved, all attendees are responsible for describing the gatherings as hosted by a group of individuals, who are interested in playing characters, as best as they can. Furthermore they need to avoid mentioning any 'furry'-related content, as this is not part of the desired experience. For events labeled as operating under 'Living Characters' all attendees in addition are supposed to advertise 'Living Characters' on request including handing out business cards available from event supervisors.