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My nickname is Codydawg and I'm an enthusiastic costume performer from Germany. I like to play self-invented animal characters and offer services for others who share the same passion. This website is dedicated to my friends and other costume performers, who like the stuff I'm involved with. If I may give you a piece of advice, check out these highlights:

You may would like to explore my website now. Have fun and don't be afraid to get in contact with me. I won't bite.

Yours, Codydawg

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You're highly welcome to get in contact with me, if you have questions, problems or just would like to write me. It's really easy. Just fill the opposite form and I'll write back very soon.

If you're tired of e-mail conversations you can write to me over instant messengers as well. I commonly use Skype, but for data protection reasons I don't share my account details here. Please use the opposite form in this case as well for initial contact.