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What does anonymized data storage mean?

To improve our web site we use a software called 'Matomo' (http://www.matomo.org) to collect anonymized data about your visit and the properties of the computer or device you are using. The data will be transmitted to our servers using text files stored on your computer (called cookies) and will then be anonymized by masking part of the IP address before being written to disk. This ensures that we cannot trace back any information we collect to an individual user. Furthermore, we will not share any of the data with 3rd parties and will not make them available to other web analytics services. The statistics generated using the data collected helps us determine which of our content is popular and which language and computer/device settings the majority of our visitors use. Through this information we can keep our website interesting and ensure that our content is displayed correctly for the majority of our users.

You can revoke your consent for the anonymized data collection, if you've given it in the first place, with a simple click on the button below: