Codydawg Live Entertainment

Zeeland Stroll

Character Event, 10.08.2013
Inner city, Middelburg, NL


Hachi, Jail, Juneau, Keenora, Pinky, Seffuel, Sparky, Thabo, TranceCat, Yuki

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None / None

Resolution / Aspect ratio

1080p Full HD / 16:9 Widescreen

Codec / Container

H.264 / MP4


Middelburg, which is located on the peninsula Walcheren, is the capital city of the dutch province 'Zeeland' and also a popular attraction among tourists, because of its historical gothic city hall and the famous 'Lange Jan' church tower.

This video showcases a bunch of not less than ten cute and cuddly critters, who quickly become the main attraction of the downtown area. Hugs, spontaneous dancing sessions and an unexpected carousel ride are also included.